In a global first for the Kia brand, the Australian dealership network will be part of pilot program of a centralised digital marketing solution using Cartelux ad technology. Cartelux says its technology allows Kia Australia to drive local innovation by simplifying and automating the ad creation, approval and media buying process. According to Cartelux the technology enables dynamic personalisation of creative assets by each Australian dealership, while delivering a consistent brand campaign for Kia. “For us, achieving success in the digital age is a joint journey involving Kia and our Dealers. The Cartelux platform offers an entirely new playground allowing better marketing alignment across national and local tiers through scalable video and data consolidation,” Kia Australia digital marketing manager Nikolas Souliotis This enables us to see consumers through the same lens and drive better results and greater efficiencies – it’s the future of performance-driven retail marketing,” he says. “Kia is always innovating and has been looking for simple ways to create dealer ad content at scale. By working with Cartelux we have been able to provide a new way for Kia to create engaging video content for its dealers,” Google global lead for Kia Randy Han says. “Kia is one of the world’s most innovative and fastest growing brands” says Cartelux global geberal manager Patrick Doble. “The program for Kia will commence with providing digital video advertising, which geo-targets campaigns based on the dealers primary marketing area. The second phase will expand to include digital display and search,” he says. Initially adopted by the automotive industry, the need to solve video on a global scale has seen Cartelux secure several new multinational clients across a range of verticals. Cartelux says it is enabling national sales companies and their local area marketers to leverage the power of scalable video on a local, regional or global scale.

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