“Cartelux is a true evolution in automotive retail marketing.”

ALEX MCLEAN Head of Marketing at Mini ANZ


“Cartelux is the future of performance-driven retail marketing.”

NIKOLAS SOULIOTIS Digital Marketing Manager at Kia Australia


“Using Cartelux, Ford successfully brought dealers onboard to Google ads in a coordinated fashion.”



Customized to specific requirements and integrated seamlessly across the automotive enterprise, Cartelux centralizes, automates, and optimizes the OEM to dealer marketing process. Eliminating friction and allowing all participants to easily engage through one platform, Cartelux enables automated content creation & digital amplification of brand compliant, tactical digital campaigns, in under 30 seconds.

OEMs leverage Cartelux for the following benefits:

Global to Hyperlocal

Global, Regional, National and Hyperlocal dealer programs
One Platform. Integrating Marketing, Dealers, Finance & Aftersales
Centralized architecture of Dealer network activity
In Platform end to end creation, approval & amplification of Hyperlocal activity

Agility & Automation

Unrivaled Dealer Agility - live in market in under 60 seconds
Hyperlocal asset creation of OEM master asset In-Platform
Streamlined workflow & communication
Audit trail & visibility of dealer network activity

Marketing Automation

Global Rules Based Regulatory Compliance for Dealers
Supports Captive & Non-Captive Financiers
Compliant, Digital Finance campaigns in less than 60 seconds
Drive attainability campaigns to increase conversion
Eliminate friction from Dealer Finance Offers
Unrivaled Agility (automated)